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Q. My passport has expired/been lost/stolen. Who do I contact?


If you are a UK citizen/passport holder and your passport has been lost/stolen in the UK go to the UK Passport Agency website for further instructions on reporting your missing passport and getting a replacement.

If you are a UK citizen/passport holder and your passport has expired you should also visit the UK Passport Agency website to find out how to renew your passport.

UK citizens who lose their passports while overseas should report the loss immediately to the local police and the relevant British consulate/embassy/high commission. A list of these can be found at The Foreign & Commonwealth Office website and it maybe worth noting the details of the nearest embassy to your destination before you travel.

Foreign nationals who lose their passport while in the UK should inform the local police and contact their relevant consulate/embassy.

Having photocopies of all important documents (passport, visas, tickets, European Health Card (EHIC), travel insurance, driving licence, etc) and keeping them separate from the original documents, will help you resolve matters more speedily should you lose anything. If there are two or more people in your party you could exchange photocopies to minimise the chances of all documentation being lost.


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