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Q. Are there facilities to weigh my luggage other than at Check In?


London Luton Airport has installed four pre check-in weighscales in its terminal. Passengers who are perhaps unsure of the weight of their baggage before checking in, can weigh their bags and see the weight of each item presented on a large easy-to-read screen. Passengers can also interact with the touch screen to view the allowances and excess charges from a list of all the airlines operating at London Luton Airport. This service costs just £1 per bag.

The scales will show clearly if the bags are overweight allowing the passenger to take action before going to check in.  Passengers are therefore better prepared on arrival at the check-in desks, thus cutting down on time spent at the desk talking through different options with the check-in agent or being caught out with additional charges they hadn’t budgeted for.

The weighscales can be found at the following locations:

• Main terminal entrance beside the ICE Bureau de Change
• In the check- in area, by the two banks of public telephones
• Beside the outsized baggage desk


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