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Published: 09 November 2012

El Al Israel Airlines is pleased to announce it is increasing frequency in its Summer 2013 schedule, and will offer up to 22 flights per week in peak season. The increased frequencies will operate from London Luton Airport, which will see an increase from 6 to 11 flights per week.

El Al’s Summer schedule begins in the middle of March, with the airline offering 11 flights per week from London Heathrow,  and 6 flights per week from London Luton. From 30th June until 31st August, the airline will add 5 flights per week (Sunday to Thursday inclusive) departing from London Luton at 23:30, and arriving in Tel Aviv at 06:30. During this peak period, El Al will offer 22 flights per week between London and Tel Aviv.

Ofer Gat, El Al Vice President for Global Sales said: “We are delighted that by increasing frequency, we can offer our customers a wider choice of flight times and departure airport. We are particularly pleased that we have been able to add flights to London Luton Airport, which is very convenient for many of our customers, and will help us to bring more tourists to Israel.”

“In a separate development, we have a new commercial agreement with Aer Lingus, which will help us increase the number of tourists from Ireland, and strengthen commercial ties between the two countries.”

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Notes to Editors:
El Al Israel was established in 1948 as the national airline of IsraelIts name means “To the Skies” or “Skywards” in Hebrew אל על.

EL AL flies from London Heathrow T1 to Tel Aviv, Israel, twice a day, Sunday to Thursday (with single arrival flight on Friday and single departing flight on Saturday evening).  

From March 2013, EL AL will fly six times a week from London Luton Airport to Tel Aviv, rising to 11 flights per week in peak.

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